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Practice Areas

Corporate and policy advisory

A government’s relationship with the business sector offers opportunities, benefits as well as threats.

Challenges such as new regulatory regimes and aggressive regulatory enforcement actions require careful strategy, and preparation with the help of experts to deal with the multiple jurisdictions involved.

Our policy and legal professionals are well equipped to help our clients to effectively navigate this.

Employment, workplace and labour relations

Our experienced consultants provide counsel to a wide range of private and public employers and employees in multi-state and international employment issues including development of policies, employee relations and restructuring.

Infrastructure and environmental development

The supply of energy, extraction of resources and infrastructural growth form the basis of all economic development. 

Our team of experts in this sector are well versed and able to advise on various aspects including project finance, policy regulation and legislation, government contracting and dispute resolution. 

Maritime and logistics

Our firm offers comprehensive transactional, legislative and regulatory legal advice cutting across all aspects of logistics and maritime sector. 

Our team of experts in this area of practice have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping our clients solve complex problems, seamlessly manage risk, and meet their targets in the multi-cultural discipline.

Asset management and investment

We address a wide scope of regulatory, dispute resolution and other related issues that arise in complex financial transactions across jurisdictions, industries and capital markets. 

Our team has capabilities in advisory and legal representation of lenders, borrowers, trustees, investors and other stakeholders.  

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